Vivaldi Web Browser Adds a Second Tab Bar

(Photo: Vivaldi)

We are all relying on our web browsers more during the pandemic, which results in many more tabs being open. The latest version of the Vivaldi web browser will help anyone who is running out of room on their screen because it introduces the option of a second tab bar.

Power users will also rejoice at the idea of having two bars full of tabs. Vivaldi is calling the feature “Two-Level Tab Stack” and it’s available in the newly released v3.6 of the browser.

“With Vivaldiā€™s tab management you can handle an extraordinary amount of information while staying organized,” says Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner. “Two-Level Tab Stacks is an example of how we innovate for the people who have put their trust in us. They deserve it.”

Vivaldi two-level tab stacks

Vivaldi Two-Level Tab Stacking and Compact Stacking. (Photo: Vivaldi)

Two-Level Tab Stacks is just the latest tab-organizing feature Vivaldi offers its users. There’s also a Compact version of the tab stack, Tab Tiling, Vertical Tabs, and Auto Stacking to utilize depending on your preferences. Tab Stacks can be positioned at the top, side or bottom of the browser window and locked in place if desired. Tab cycling continues to work using the Ctrl + Tab shortcut.

Vivaldi has released a number of novel features for its web browser recently. Last year it introduced a pause button for the internet and embedded an 80s cyberpunk game. To enjoy those along with this new tab stacking option, download Vivaldi 3.6.

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