The Most Intriguing Wearable Devices at CES 2017 –

Motiv Ring

If you find your regular fitness tracker cumbersome, perhaps you should put a ring on it. The sleek Motiv Ring can do all the things your Fitbit can…just smaller.


Sgnl Smart Strap

Have you ever wanted to look like a spy and take secret calls? Sgnl is a strap that you can use with either a regular watch or smartwatch (Samsung Gear, Apple Watch, Pebble Time) that pairs with your phone over Bluetooth. All you have to do is seal your eardrum with your finger, and the strap sends vibrations to your ear and voila! Private calls. It’s a bit freaky at first, but super cool. Pre-order now for $149.

UnderArmor Athlete Recovery Sleepwear

Tom Brady loves sleeping so much, he teamed up with UnderArmor to create smart PJs with “special bioceramic particles that absorb infrared wavelengths emitted by the body and reflect back Far Infrared, helping the body recover faster while promoting better sleep,” according to the company. It’s pricey at $160-$200 for a set, but if it works for Brady. Order for men or women now.

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