Modder Gets Doom to Run on a Regular Sega Genesis, But Good Luck Playing It

(Image: id Software)

PC gaming classic Doom has made an appearance on nearly every platform, from the NES to a pregnancy test. Now, PCGamesN reports that the vanilla Sega Genesis can run Doom without the Sega 32X expansion pack it once required.

The iconic first-person shooter hit the Sega Genesis with the 32X expansion in 1994. Based on the Atari Jaguar version, it included maps from the game’s first two episodes, but skimped on content from the third. It also lacked the BFG9000 weapon as well as various enemy types. Still, it was another way to play the game. Back then, having access to any kind of Doom, bells and whistles or not, was preferable to not having it at all.

Modder krikzz took to Twitter to show off their handiwork. They put a Linux version of Doom on a Sega Everdrive cartridge, then booted it up on a vanilla Genesis system. Saying the game “runs” on the Genesis sans 32X expansion is generous. As seen in the short clip from krikzz, the system only supports grayscale coloring. Plus, it chugs so much that it’s unplayable. Still, it’s impressive that the game works at all on the retro system. If nothing else, it’s another addition to the growing list of platforms on which Doom will run.

If you’d like to replicate the mod, krikzz uploaded their Linux Doom sources and ROMs to GitHub. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to do much with it due to the low frame rate. Still, it’s a very cool experiment that could likely improve further, should anyone want to invest the time.

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