How to Switch and Tweak Your Apple Watch Faces

If you aren’t too crazy about the watch face on your Apple Watch, you can easily switch to one you prefer. Many of the device’s built-in faces can be customized to give them a different color and style or equip them with specific features and complications.

Each new version of Apple’s watchOS introduces new faces. In 2019, watchOS 6 added Gradient, California, Meridian, Modular Compact, Numerals Duo, Numerals Mono, and Solar Dial. In 2020, watchOS 7 adds Artist, Chronograph Pro, Count up, GMT, Memoji, Stripes, and Typograph. You can work with these faces and those from previous updates to make the watch feel more personalized.

Let’s dive into the various watch faces and see how you can switch from one to another and tweak them with your own personal touch.

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